Our topic is fast fashion. There are many fast fashion levels now, for example, H&M, UNIQURO and GU. Many people wear clothes which sells in fast fashion store. Fast fashion provides us close in fashion in low price. It looks very good because we can buy clothes in fashion easily. However, fast fashion has some serious problems. Why can fast fashion levels sell clothes in so low price? Because there are people which are exploited by companies. Many supply chains for fashion need low skilled and cost labor. According to the survey of “Good on you”, it is said that “Around 260 million children are employed around the world, of whom an estimated 170 million are engaged in the kind of child labour”. Children is forced to work under bad condition for long hours with low wages. They have little or no rights. Not only children but also women are working in bad condition. Poor child and women are sacrificed for fast fashion. In addition, fast fashion cause environmental problems. The serious environmental impacts in fast fashion industry is the use of synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers contain the material’s carbon footprint three times more than cotton. Therefore, fast fashion is useful, but we should consider the negative impact of fast fashion before buy them.