weekly jounal 5: The bad train "Saikyo line"

Today, I will talk about Saikyo line. I go to University by Saikyo train and Tokyutoyoko line. Saikyo line runs from Kawagoe staition in Saitama to Osaki station in Tokyo. I think Saikyo line has many problems. First, many groper in Saikyo line. The number of groper in Saikyo line in 2004 is 2201, and the number is the biggest in Japan in 2004.
Saikyo line took measures for this problems. They introduce women-only carriages and security cameras. However, in 2014, 2000 gropper was still in Saikyo line. Second, the last train is too early. The last train of Saikyo line leaves 23:55 at Shinjuku station in spite of that the last train of any other line is 00:00~00:40. Finally, many delay of train happen in Saikyo line. It is the most serious problem for me. For example, from April 22 to May 21, the train delay happened 24 times. Therefore, I recommend you that you should not live near Saikyo line.



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