Technology has been advanced greatly, and it is changing our life.
One example of technology which is rilated to our life is robotic nurse. Robotic nurse is a robot which can work as same as human. Its appearance and behavior are natural and it is able to recognize human emotion. In addition, now, nurse is lack of work force because the population is aging. According to The Study on the Actual Conditions of Nurse Shortage in Japan, in Japan 1.5000 nurse is shortage. So the time when we are taken care for by robotic nurse is not-so-distant future.However, do you want to be taken care for by robotic nurse?According to a sarvey of Is robotics a solution to the growing needs of the elderly? by Gabriella MulliganTechnology of business reporter, People were not comfortable with the idea of their parents being cared for by robots, despite evidence it offers value for money, says Kanae Maita, principal analyst in personal technologies innovation at Gartner Research.. It seems natural emotion that they want to be taken care for by human, but in the future we should learn robotic nurse and accept it.



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