I would talk about "The intern". It is a comedy  movie produced in 2015.The two
 main characters was acted by Anne Hathaway and Robert de Niro.  In the movie, an old man who retired his job entries the job intern. I think the story is heartwarming and happy. We can learn that elderys  have many wisdom, and if we learn , some problems would be solved.In the site rotten tomatos, In keeping everything so polite, The Intern, while being a pleasant and watchable movie, is also entirely ephemeral. Maybe that's why, like Meyers' other films, The Intern will likely be so re-watchable, too. If you have never watched this movie, you should watch once.



weekly jounal 5: The bad train "Saikyo line"

weekly journal 1 : The Japan Times ST: April 28, 2017